RCS installing a windmill

Green Energy

With the growing interest in Green Energy production and off-Grid provisions for electrical Power, RCS has effortlessly migrated into this field. Combining a long history with smaller solar powered sites as utilized by the USGS, NOAA and the Flood Warning community in general, our expertise with tower construction and raw land development and the latest technologies in Solar and Wind power, RCS has developed relationships with several of the manufacturers of these products. We have installed and maintain grid linked power systems along with off-grid power systems and are presently working on new construction sites for both applications.

Bergy Windpower

RCS is now a dealer for Bergey Windpower, the leader in small wind turbines. With many years of experience and proven designs, Bergey wind turbines can reliably deliver from 1kW to 10kW in grid-tied and grid-independent systems.

Bergey Windpower