Airfield Lighting

Most of our employees have been working in and around airports for many years. We have extensive experience with all of the systems normally found at GA and commercial airfields including, AWOS, Localizers, Glideslopes, Rotating Beacons, Runway and Taxiway Lighting and control systems, Regulators, REILS, PAPIs, Windcones, VASI systems, and DMEs. We specialize in maintenance and installation with some of our more recent projects being:

  • Tazewell County Airport Project scope included Installation of Localizer, Antenna, Equipment and platform. Project Bid cost $114,000 (Talbert & Bright Engineering)
  • Twin County Airport – Completion November 2005 Project included Installation of Electrical Vault and controls, Replacement of all Runway Lighting, Installation of underground duct, cables and conduit and New Electrical service. Project bid cost - $314,000 (Talbert & Bright Engineering)
  • Viginia Highlands Airport – Completion November 2005 Project included addition and installation of Runway Signs and Lighting, Underground duct, conduit and cabling. (Delta Airport Consultants)
  • Tazewell County Airport - Completion September 2004 Project Scope included Furnish and install PAPI system for RW 7.

An additional list is available for projects that include Charlottesville, Roanoke, Teterboro and ABE in Allentown PA.